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Year: 2003

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A Drawing Piece by Josh Nimoy, 2003. Medium: Computer and Electronic Circuitry. Viewers are able to call this installation from a cell phone. When they whistle, ascending scales make vertical strokes on the "paper" while descending scales make more horizontal strokes. Volume will affect the fatness of the brush. This is a computer projection on a wall - situated amongst other people's drawing artworks. Besides its white glow and pixel grain, the rectangular area looks just like another drawing. Vector-based "screenshots" can be plotted onto large format paper. Premiere: ITP Spring Show, May 13, 2003.

Download a PDF Snapshot

Another PDF Snapshot

Technical Information: A custom USB device was designed from Radioshack parts to answer phone calls from a gallery land line, while projecting the video onto the wall is a computer program written in C. The output files will open in Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Flash, Acrobat Reader, GhostScript, AutoCAD, and various Adobe-powered printers.

tags: cplusplus drawing installation itp javascript music nyu physical postscript print scribble sound synaesthesia telephony whistle