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works tagged with aftereffects

Dither for After Effects (2013)

Intended for the fine connoisseurs of 1-bit dithering, this new stylize plugin for Adobe After Effects adds that classic grit to your mograph masterpiece in more ways than a Photoshop action could ever do for that image sequence you just exported. This plugin was designed with Jake Sargeant f...

Jee, Thanks Rawk! (2000)

A series of short mock advertisements for a web presentation in Feb. 2000. RAWK (not my idea) was the name of our design team. Henry was the victim of our urgent need to make cheesy zero-budget film with only 3 hours of edit time. Apparently, a state-wide film festival liked it.

Messages: Motion Type Short (1999)

A motion type animated short about sending messages into space, done in Gail Swanlund's Motion Typography class, Desma 155.

Type Motion Play (1999)

A short animation using motion to express typographic forms, done as the first animated project for Gail Swanlund's Motion Typography class.