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works tagged with animation

Astronaut Wife Music Video (2001)

A music video for "Cape Canaveral" by a new band from MN, Astronaut Wife This was also the final project for UCLA Design 156b, 3D animation class. The video is meant as a pastiche to all the scientific 3D lego work I've seen which has no story or emotion. I made my best effort to include every pos...

Teaching Openframeworks (2013)

Video guiding the Processing coder through the mental transformation needed to start using OpenFrameworks to create equivalent work. This class was taught with Syed Reza Ali. We will post more episodes every time we teach this GAFFTA class. So far, I have shaved my face with a straight razor, ...

UCLArts Logo Stop Animation (2000)

For a final project in James Bassler's form class, I did a stop-animation with Eric Mendez to produce a UCLArts logo short film. The final project in the class was the bird sculpture, which still hangs from the ceiling in the computer lab at school.

ASCII Imaging (1999)

I produced a few ascii based images using a converter I wrote. Although the idea is cliche now, I was thrilled at the idea that pixels could be replaced with meaningful symbols. Other students used the software for their work, which also thrilled me. It was the feeling of automated collaboration. T...

Messages: Motion Type Short (1999)

A motion type animated short about sending messages into space, done in Gail Swanlund's Motion Typography class, Desma 155.

Type Motion Play (1999)

A short animation using motion to express typographic forms, done as the first animated project for Gail Swanlund's Motion Typography class.