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works tagged with application

picky (2004)

An open source Java desktop application for authoring PIC chip firmware in a restricted form of Java. I got to know Eclipse pretty well during this time, and had a lot of fun seeing the application look native even if it was cross platform. I discovered how little programming one nee...

www.hci-fun.org.uk (2005)

I redid the website for the human computer interaction organisation in Liverpool England that was commissioning me to do a couple pieces at FACT. I used an open source flavour of flash - mtasc and swfmill with a lot of xml and a makefile. The source was made available on the site. W...

textflasher (2009)

Marc Nimoy Extraordinaire was redoing the website for the UCLA Center for Intercultural Performance (CIP) and he had embedded a small animated gif that had a marquee of text announces and fun blur transitioning. I offered to redo it in Flash 8, and give him a lot of customization fea...

Bandwidth (2011)

This synaesthetic, interactive musical experience provides six original modes in which the player may produce music. Kick off your shoes and get lost in a world of delicious sounding abstract geometry.

WindowBomb (2003)

Instructions: When you download and run this program, a tiny window will pop up, shown in figure A. Find a window you hate, and drag this red bomb onto it.

Motion Paintings Software (2002)

MotionPaintings was a system I built in collaboration with artist, Rebecca Allen, based on the terrain mapping from her emmersive environment, Emergence. It allows her to easily create a looping keyed path of 3D cameras, intended for motion-tweening at the speed of growing plants. The idea...

forum.design (1999)

I quickly built this newsgroup/messageboard as an effort to give my fellow design students a place to voice their opinions in a truly informal, yet public setting. People have been using it for years. The site has needed minimal maintenance, and allows the design students to change colors, image...

Undergrad Design Show Interface (1999)

Interactive Kiosk for student work. A curving bud opens and closes while shy student titles react and play. Press Spacebar to trigger one of several kiosk-attraction modes.

Daily Bruin Advertising (2000)

Site prototype for an advertising interface that the Daily Bruin newspaper would use to automate its advertising division. Note: This presentation prototype is meant only for IE5+ browsers.

JTNGSE (2001)

JTNGSE was a graphics editing program that was half GUI, half scripting. I originally wrote it for undergraduate friends in the UCLA design department because I was sad to hear that John Maeda's awesome Design by Numbers "did not save" or "did not support color." I also saw that Processing was won...

PolyEdit (1999)

Poly Edit is a kind of development program I wrote in hopes to speed up the behavior scripting process for Rebecca Allen's Emergence project. This was also the first Help system the project had. The application is based around the emergent processes for creating reactive creatures in the 3D worl...