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works tagged with java

Rollerforms Mockup (2004)

This was an applet written to demonstrate how a piece of physical computing in my future would roll about, forming letters. Instructions: click the applet and type.

Processing Tutorial for Flash/Lingo-ers (2003)

When I was a first year at ITP, I did a lot of social engineering in order to bring open source culture to attention. I also wished to support the efforts of some friends in another research program. I taught early releases of Processing to the students and faculty (and current faculty who were...

The Dancer (2003)

Photograph taken from the Chanhassen Project by a good friend, Katherine Copeland. Instructions: click & drag

HP Pharrell (2006)

had the great honor of doing (more) algorithmic particle artistry with Motion Theory to produce this stunning new HP commercial, for their "The computer is personal again" campaign. Spinning spools of typographic smoke, shaking the pixels off shoes, and of course, a swarm of gratuitous abstract coo...

Nike 'One' (2006)

Motion Theory's workflow of the Nike 'One' commercials did not just benefit from an applet programmed by one of the team members. This time, the core workflow became a team of four visual programmers risking carpel tunnel to generate a diversity of floating engineering graphics using every trick in...

Sky Paintings (2011)

I produced this series of code-paintings during my early recovery. They are about sublime serendipity, and the universality of biological syntax. Each render takes about as long as a human would need to actually paint the same thing. Many fractal scenes were generated, but only a few were hand...

picky (2004)

An open source Java desktop application for authoring PIC chip firmware in a restricted form of Java. I got to know Eclipse pretty well during this time, and had a lot of fun seeing the application look native even if it was cross platform. I discovered how little programming one nee...

Qgglirikkles (2003)

Instructions: move your mouse. Be patient.

BallDroppings (2003)

Balldroppings was one night of idle programming that blew up unexpectedly into a web phenomenon. I learned that simplicity is elegant, and C++ is wonderful for low-latency sound+image. I also learned about addiction and glucose metabolism rate highs. Although I do not accredit myself for having ori...

Scribble Variations (2001)

Artistic Variations on the classic "scribble" interactivity - used as teaching examples Instructions: Click an image to view shockwave. Draw.

Sinapse Identity (2001)

Reactive Logo for Sinapse, a new UCLA Center, dedicated to networking other UCLA Centers to each other. The Java applet features "centralized" and "decentralized" network simulation, based on the building shapes in the UCLA map. Hold your mouse down for a long time to see the buildings turn in...

MIT Media Lab Research with ACG (1999)

I received the indescribable honor of being invited by John Maeda to join the Aesthetics and Computation Group at the MIT Media lab for a summer, as an undergraduate researcher (UROP). The experience changed me forever. I helped to develop the Design By Numbers system, made them a pretty font ed...

Virtual Paper Folding (2002)

An interactive interface which attempts to re-use the visual vernacular to create a system for folding virtual paper.

Nano Haikus (2002)

Five interactive typography art pieces, commissioned for Zero@WaveFunction, an art project more popularly known as "Nano." Instructions: Move, click, and drag your mouse while reading the texts. Try clicking and dragging in different places, many times.

Myron/WebCamXtra (2002)

WebCamXtra/Myron is an open source project that allows people to do camera tracking art in many programming languages.

CNSI Interactive Logo (2002)

A logo piece commissioned for California Nanosystems Institute, conveying maleability in common matter. The design concept was extrapolated until it became the final logo. Instructions: drag the dots to change aspects of the hairy surface.

SynerGL Demo (1999)

This is a prototype for a graphics system I proposed to the UCLA Design student group which allowed for creative interactive typesetting. The provided example defines a "mouse-responsive curve HTML tag" for the text. The idea was rejected because it was not anti-aliased. To interact with the app...