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works tagged with lingo

Nanana MessageBoard Jungle-Gym (2001)

NANANA is a 3D message board, whose interface is based on the structure of an old jungle gym from my elementary school. A 360 degree photographed version the jungle gym I had in mind (from the playground of Lunada Bay Elementary, in Palos Verdes) spins as super-imposed 2D lines of text float in ...

Exquisite Corpse Paint (2002)

Creative Exquisite-Corpse Viewer, using content generated by a hundred ITP students in collaboration with my Applications group during the preceding week. Solution: a cyclical self-drawing, line-recycling, and motion-mimicking strip of communal art.

Jiggle Glass (2002)

Instructions: drag dot

Scribble Variations (2001)

Artistic Variations on the classic "scribble" interactivity - used as teaching examples Instructions: Click an image to view shockwave. Draw.

Lung Reactive Elevator (2001)

We took over the UCLA Dickson Hall elevator and made it hug you when you touched its walls. Floor buttons also controlled music. It involved sensors and motors controlled by a computer.

QuickVector Xtra (2001)

QuickVector is an Asset Xtra (plugin) for Macromedia Director. It creates a new kind of sprite which draws lines, curves, polygons, and more in different colors using Lingo code - extremely fast. This Xtra was written for Tangible Typography, a UCLA Design | Media Arts class taught by Jennifer...

EZIO Director Xtra (2001)

I was involved in authoring software plugin allows Macromedia Director Lingo to control an EZIO Board, developed at the University of Michigan School of Art and Design by Micheal Rodemer and Ed Bennett in order to make circuitry and computing much easier for artists. As the board is meant to m...

Grad Lingo Workshop (2001)

I taught a graduate workshop in Lingo programming, in conjunction with Maria Redin's Physical computing workshop. She taught them sensors, circuitry, and EZIO programming. I taught them the basics of programming, on-screen animation, and I made myself available for a couple months to answer th...

Spirograph (2002)

A webpage with an interactive "spirograph" maker on it allows the drawing to leave the small embedded square.

Hand Map (2002)

Week 1 Assignments Problem: Make an interactive map of your brain or body, or a mine field of life. [without defining any variables or going far beyond what we were taught so far] This piece is inspired by Lisa Steele's 'Birthday Suit - Scars and Defects', 1974.

Drawing3 (2003)

Record of the drawing act, as the art. A program was written in which the scribbles would be remembered and played back in realtime.

Froggies (2004)

Froggies is a play-testing prototype for a children's digital play environment. A table with a screen embedded into the surface acts as an arena for virtual life. Children react with the virtual life by placing various symbolic markers on the table and sliding them around. The result is a music...

Icon==Function (2005)

This series of seven interactive musical compositions is intended for serious play and wonderment about tools. Each piece is an abstract visual sound scoring language capable of playing itself back as the user gives input. The series is several attempted embodiments of my conceptual response to a r...

USB Pic Tutorial (2003)

I wrote this techy tutorial showing people how to set up a PIC chip to talk USB with a PC using USBXtra.

Sensitive Invite for ITP TNO (2003)

This interactive announcement was done for ITP Thursday Night Outs, hosted by Lian Chang. Because of the sensitive 9 11 date, a design expression opportunity arose.

KOCOART.com (2002)

I collaborated with designer Jiyoon Chun at the School of Visual Arts in New York in creating an interactive exhibition for the Museum for Korean Contemporary Art. Based on style guides and mockups, I created three online exhibits in Shockwave.

Myron/WebCamXtra (2002)

WebCamXtra/Myron is an open source project that allows people to do camera tracking art in many programming languages.

Undergrad Design Show '00 Interface (2000)

UCLA Undergraduate Design Exhibit's 2000 Interactive design kiosk for viewing student work. Thumbnails spin according to distance from mouse, graphics slide back and forth on screen, also responding to mouse. Cursor shrinks and grows to fit thumbnails.

Intraface: Interactive Exploration (1999)

If "interpersonal" means communication between two people, and "intrapersonal" means communication between an individual and himself, then what is an intraface to an interface? This was an early artistic exploration in interface design/art.

Simple Interactive (1998)

Mimic: Simple Interactive (1998)

Simple Interactive (1998)

Intelligent Layout Experiment (1998)

I made an early attempt at giving draggable points a kind of intelligence which would theoretically keep them visually organized. They "want" to form a swiss grid.

Photo-Realistic Coloring Book (1998)

This one-page coloring book takes care of the lighting and shading. You choose the colors. This is a watercolor by Chuck Close, entitled "Leslie"

Butterflies: Reactive Photography (1998)

A digital video game reproducing a young girl's idle hobbie.

Navigation for Synergy Web Site (1998)

With Brian Kobashikawa, I created a navigational element for the beginnings of a student group web site. Click to expand and contract. The "Synergy" node is also draggable.

Simple Interactive (1998)

Conservative: Interactive Shockwave (1998)

Type Motion Play (1999)

A short animation using motion to express typographic forms, done as the first animated project for Gail Swanlund's Motion Typography class.

Messages: Motion Type Short (1999)

A motion type animated short about sending messages into space, done in Gail Swanlund's Motion Typography class, Desma 155.

Undergrad Design Show Interface (1999)

Interactive Kiosk for student work. A curving bud opens and closes while shy student titles react and play. Press Spacebar to trigger one of several kiosk-attraction modes.

Moment: Interactive Typography (1998)

Simple Interactive (1998)

Interpolated Oval Letterforms (1998)

This sort of work (influenced mainly by Peter Cho) predates the widespread presence of keyboard-controlled type shapes on the web. Click the black area then start typing.

Simple Interactive Composition (1998)

Malleable Interface (1998)

This was the first thing I did in the UCLA design department, as a fine art major crashing one of their media classes taught by Robert Abel. I led a group of students in producing a malleable interface for a completely unrelated topic. The experience was both embarrassing and enlighteni...