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works tagged with meme

Benetton / Fabrica : ThreatMeter (2004)

I was involved in the early stages of a collaborative web prank for art's sake, created at the Interactive Media Department of Fabrica / Benetton during after-hours. This site shows an embarrassingly ignorant company selling fake products to help American citizens participate in the nation's ne...

The color of art is #A79F94 (2009)

An average color was calculated from more than 26,000 images in the MoMA art collection. The result was this brownish gray.

How Many Paid? (2010)

A minimal meme-sized ecommerce piece meant as a commentary on micropayment, web services, self-reflexivity, and recursion.

What is Victoria's Secret? (2003)

A contagious media experiment was done between four brainstorming artistic individuals in New York City. The goal was two fold: to create an artistic expression about female identity, and to create a meme that would spread throughout the virtual and physical landscapes - pre-calculated to b...

WindowBomb (2003)

Instructions: When you download and run this program, a tiny window will pop up, shown in figure A. Find a window you hate, and drag this red bomb onto it.

The n0time Saver (2002)

A PC screen saver that communicates with other screen savers via internet, slowly building a sculptural object on the screen. Working closely with the UCLA DMA chair to adapt a concept from her original n0time installation into this new delivery format, I made a screen saver, network server, an...

BallDroppings (2003)

Balldroppings was one night of idle programming that blew up unexpectedly into a web phenomenon. I learned that simplicity is elegant, and C++ is wonderful for low-latency sound+image. I also learned about addiction and glucose metabolism rate highs. Although I do not accredit myself for having ori...

Cambridge Study Word Scrambler (2003)

One season, I was getting this ridiculous email forward about the readability of messed up words. After the 3rd time I received the forward, I decided to make an online application that would scramble peoples' text for them. The application caught a meme wave, and people started emailing me thin...

Textension: Word Processor Variations (1999)

Textension was a collection of 10 interactive experiments in making creative variations of word processing applications. It was my response as an artist to the way programmers always use the typewriter metaphor when they are creating a typesetting application. Textension combines the metaphor ...