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works tagged with physical

Ambient Telepresence Windchimes (2003)

Two wind chimes that robotically induce their own chimes when the other senses presence. Ideally, each chime is placed in the personal environments of participants in long distance romantic relationships. This chime system is an attempt to establish an ambient, passive communica...

5 Quick Paintings (2003)

These paintings of a small toy car were disseminated throughout the NYU ITP space on bulletin boards where advertisements would normally be pinned up.

Multiple Mice drawing (2003)

Some mice were human and some were circuit.

Calendar Flow (2004)

A stand-alone wall-mounted or table-sitting piece that slowly logs the ambient light, creating a kind of diagram showing the light activity in your life as it accumilates. The light pattern is interpretted as a sound grain table,making a humming tone out of your activity.

Drawing7 Self Representation (2003)

Make a self portrait on paper in color. Use at least three but no more than six colors. Use any materials you want---crayon, pastel, collage, found color, water color, oil, acrylic, colored pencil, magic markers and so on. (One note on collage: you can for instance cut strips of color from a m...

USB Pic Tutorial (2003)

I wrote this techy tutorial showing people how to set up a PIC chip to talk USB with a PC using USBXtra.

PixelShare (2003)

A single red pixel, networked between two wall hanging displays with embedded network circuits inside them. One controls the X movement while the other controls the Y movement.

CALL 212 995 3984 AND START WHISTLING (2003)

A Drawing Piece by Josh Nimoy, 2003. Medium: Computer and Electronic Circuitry. Viewers are able to call this installation from a cell phone. When they whistle, ascending scales make vertical strokes on the "paper" while descending scales make more horizontal strokes. Volume will affect the fatn...

Telesquishy (2003)

This electronic squishy is made of colorless translucent rubber silicon. It hooks up to a computer with a USB cable. If two people hook a squishy up to their computers, then they can see each other's squishing activities coming over the Internet to light up the device. A blue glow means that t...

Froggies (2004)

Froggies is a play-testing prototype for a children's digital play environment. A table with a screen embedded into the surface acts as an arena for virtual life. Children react with the virtual life by placing various symbolic markers on the table and sliding them around. The result is a music...

Rollerforms (2004)

My graduate thesis project was to create a third robotic typography sculpture, and to think about the three pieces as one large project. I documented my design process and created many physical prototypes.

Black Phoebe Moleskin (2006)

I painted a black phoebe onto a new sketchbook for my father's birthday.

picky (2004)

An open source Java desktop application for authoring PIC chip firmware in a restricted form of Java. I got to know Eclipse pretty well during this time, and had a lot of fun seeing the application look native even if it was cross platform. I discovered how little programming one nee...

Imagined Overtures Album Cover (2011)

The album art for the Los Angeles Electric 8's new release took a lot of love from the community. The circular element is a visualization of the entire album's contents. Treated as one track, the sound data was analyzed using a fast fourier transform in OpenFrameworks and stored as white...

bjodrickprojection (2008)

in San Francisco on the building 101 Broderick, a lowercase r hangs upsidedown. An upsidedown lowercase r was projected from a window of the opposite building.

Whitney Biennial - Peace Tower Panel (2006)

A panel in the Disuvero/Tiravanija Peace Tower. Bent brass. Awe Yeah. The theme of this year's show was "day for night."
Tags: physical

EAZ AR/MR Workshop (2005)

Report: FACT HCI Augmented Reality Workshop, Success.

Robotic Typography Summary (2005)

In response to all the media attention being given to my typography robots, I formed this page for easy viewing of the big picture in the project.

AB42908610B (2006)

The title of the piece, "AB42908610B", is the US Mint serial number of the one-hundred dollar bill. If a green back's serial number is its unique identification code much like a finger print or retina pattern, then it can be seen as the element that separates the object culturally from its genetic ...

RibbonType (2003)

You type a character to this single-letter sign with a mobile device, AIM, or the web, and it responds by forming the approximate typographic shape through contorting a thin white ribbon. In the following video, the cover has been removed from the installation, exposing the insides for fu...

Ku (2003)

Networked Multiuser Art Installation. Japanese Cartoon character teardrop sculptures can be caressed in order to make water stop streaming from their eyes. The teardrop sculptures may behave organically, but that's only because they are hooked up to other random public viewers over a network. I...

Adolescent Drawing and Painting (1994)

Samples of work from high school art classes, mainly taught by Linda Jo Russell and Patricia Merrill.

EZIO Director Xtra (2001)

I was involved in authoring software plugin allows Macromedia Director Lingo to control an EZIO Board, developed at the University of Michigan School of Art and Design by Micheal Rodemer and Ed Bennett in order to make circuitry and computing much easier for artists. As the board is meant to m...

Lung Reactive Elevator (2001)

We took over the UCLA Dickson Hall elevator and made it hug you when you touched its walls. Floor buttons also controlled music. It involved sensors and motors controlled by a computer.

Junior High Projects (1990)

Experiences attending Malaga Cove and Palos Verdes Intermediate Schools.

Elementary School Illustrations (1988)

Art done while attending Lunanda Bay Elementary School in Palos Verdes.

Toddler Expressions (1983)

These crafts were found archived in a family garage.

Epiglottitis Art (1985)

Drawings done in response to younger brother's hospitalization due to epiglottitis.

Kindergarten Crafts (1986)

Art done while first entering Lunanda Bay Elementary School in Palos Verdes.

Fashion Play (2001)

I organized a one-quarter fashion design research group in the design department in order to study garment-making for the sake of diversity, and also to show people that you really can study anything you want here. Some planned to do garments and typogaphy. Some planned to make a single dress ...

Intelligent Snap Toy (2002)

Physical Computing Week 2 Exploration: Make a switch. Here is a small, snap-ridden soft-sculpture which can be shaped and snapped as desired. When snaps are connected, a computer is able to notice which ones, and for how long. Asside obvious abstract-art implications of such a digitally aware ...

Re: Shadow (2002)

Passers by encounter a display made from finely combed sand, reflecting expressive "shadows" of their bodies. This artificial shadow system intends to ask questions of designer intervention with nature, and aesthetically explores commonly seen polygonal body form outlines in a real-time contex...

Worm: Robot you can scare (2002)

This robotic worm moves around and bows at who ever gets close to it. The piece was received by the audience as a strange pet. No artificial intelligence was involved, but people grew attached to the unpredictable personality, controlled by the unpredictable factors in my camera vision software...

BallDroppings (2003)

Balldroppings was one night of idle programming that blew up unexpectedly into a web phenomenon. I learned that simplicity is elegant, and C++ is wonderful for low-latency sound+image. I also learned about addiction and glucose metabolism rate highs. Although I do not accredit myself for having ori...

Interactive Buckyballs (2002)

The Zerowave Buckyball projection was an interactive environment that allowed users to interact with squishy balls by using their shadow gestures. This piece was commissioned by Victoria Vesna and James Gimzewski. The Zerowave Buckyball Projection is legally represented by and is property of ...

TONEBOX (2002)

a computer keyboard controlled music box. a small experiment - part of a brand new portable device effort I have begun, in order to encourage the recycling of common devices whose cultural metaphors are becoming fixed way too fast! I see that the world's household inventory is changing. I find ...

Addon-Art pcomp Final (arm) (2002)

Interfaces to existing interactive installations can be altered by building additional technology on top of them. This motorized arm interacts with other physical pieces by being present, moving its joints, and waving a flashlight. What if twenty students made twenty pieces that could interac...

Davenport Sans : Robotic Typeface (2002)

As you press keys on the keyboard, six wooden "brush strokes" shift into place, forming the character most recently typed. This typeface is named after Thomas Davenport, inventor of the first DC motor in 1834.

Minipong: Micro Pong Wall Installation (2002)

Tiny Guerilla Video Game Installation: A minimal ball paddle video game that uses a sewing pinhead for a joystick (move paddle left and right). The screen is the size of a penny. Theoretically, this tiny videogame would be installed into a wall in a public space - preferably a wall that people...

Baby Crafts (1979)

These crafts were found archived in a family garage.