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USB Pic Tutorial (2003)

I wrote this techy tutorial showing people how to set up a PIC chip to talk USB with a PC using USBXtra.

IBM Data Baby (2010)

This project required a lot of research demo programs. The job holds the new record for most code artists (8) hired on one MTh job. Our apps began receiving animated curves from maya, we introduced a new speed-optimized OBJ sequence file format, and we continued to accumulate maya ex...

Dither for After Effects (2013)

Intended for the fine connoisseurs of 1-bit dithering, this new stylize plugin for Adobe After Effects adds that classic grit to your mograph masterpiece in more ways than a Photoshop action could ever do for that image sequence you just exported. This plugin was designed with Jake Sargeant f...

Myron/WebCamXtra (2002)

WebCamXtra/Myron is an open source project that allows people to do camera tracking art in many programming languages.

Maya PostScript Export Plugin (2001)

I was surprised to discover that Alias Wavefront Maya does not export wireframes to Illustrator! I wrote this plugin so I could incorporate my 3D work into my print design, without having to render and take screenshots. Since the plugin simply intercepts the OpenGL commands of a window refresh ...

QuickVector Xtra (2001)

QuickVector is an Asset Xtra (plugin) for Macromedia Director. It creates a new kind of sprite which draws lines, curves, polygons, and more in different colors using Lingo code - extremely fast. This Xtra was written for Tangible Typography, a UCLA Design | Media Arts class taught by Jennifer...

EZIO Director Xtra (2001)

I was involved in authoring software plugin allows Macromedia Director Lingo to control an EZIO Board, developed at the University of Michigan School of Art and Design by Micheal Rodemer and Ed Bennett in order to make circuitry and computing much easier for artists. As the board is meant to m...

Maya Smooth View Plugin (2001)

Concerned with the quality of my 3D animation screen shots, I wrote this experimental plugin that enables smooth lines in the Maya model editing windows. note: only works in Maya 3 MEL Command: modelEditorAntiAlias

Illustrator Scripting Plugin (2001)

Illustrator Scripting Palette Plugin, meant for programmatic image creation within the Adobe Illustrator environment.