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works tagged with postscript

EarthFolding (2003)

A computer screen shows the Earth floating in outer-space. Slowly, as the computer receives and sends Internet data, this model of the Earth folds itself to bring the two countries closer to one another. I hope to illustrate the post-regionality of online community through contorting the land...

Disuvero Primes Collaboration (2004)

Collaborative relationship with artist sculptor Mark Disuvero in search of patterns in prime numbers. The following are a few visualizations produced from various programming languages. click for high resolution file.

CALL 212 995 3984 AND START WHISTLING (2003)

A Drawing Piece by Josh Nimoy, 2003. Medium: Computer and Electronic Circuitry. Viewers are able to call this installation from a cell phone. When they whistle, ascending scales make vertical strokes on the "paper" while descending scales make more horizontal strokes. Volume will affect the fatn...

Maya PostScript Export Plugin (2001)

I was surprised to discover that Alias Wavefront Maya does not export wireframes to Illustrator! I wrote this plugin so I could incorporate my 3D work into my print design, without having to render and take screenshots. Since the plugin simply intercepts the OpenGL commands of a window refresh ...

Type Masturbation (1999)

Final project in Gail Swanlund's Typography class. A photographic collage is processed into text taken from a book I wrote in high school about reality being too much. I was attempting to make too much text. The original piece uses a truetype font I created in the class.

Handwritten Photomosaics (1999)

Several pieces produced with tools I programmed, which deal with the (now cliched) concept of smaller images as pixels. Image collections were mostly taken from stock-photo CDs. Others from whatever was sitting on my hard drive. I did not consider them from an artistically meaningful perspective...