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works tagged with python

IBM Data Baby (2010)

This project required a lot of research demo programs. The job holds the new record for most code artists (8) hired on one MTh job. Our apps began receiving animated curves from maya, we introduced a new speed-optimized OBJ sequence file format, and we continued to accumulate maya ex...

we dont need no ojijoji (2013)

I just replaced my girlfriend with a short script. She has an obnoxious but adorable way of singing songs. She substitutes creative variations of her affectionate nickname for me into the lyrics even if she knows the lyrics by heart. Singing songs this way is one of her methods for stealing my...
Tags: nlp python

Disuvero Primes Collaboration (2004)

Collaborative relationship with artist sculptor Mark Disuvero in search of patterns in prime numbers. The following are a few visualizations produced from various programming languages. click for high resolution file.

Interactive Buckyballs (2002)

The Zerowave Buckyball projection was an interactive environment that allowed users to interact with squishy balls by using their shadow gestures. This piece was commissioned by Victoria Vesna and James Gimzewski. The Zerowave Buckyball Projection is legally represented by and is property of ...

Illustrator Scripting Plugin (2001)

Illustrator Scripting Palette Plugin, meant for programmatic image creation within the Adobe Illustrator environment.

forum.design (1999)

I quickly built this newsgroup/messageboard as an effort to give my fellow design students a place to voice their opinions in a truly informal, yet public setting. People have been using it for years. The site has needed minimal maintenance, and allows the design students to change colors, image...