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works tagged with robot

Rollerforms (2004)

My graduate thesis project was to create a third robotic typography sculpture, and to think about the three pieces as one large project. I documented my design process and created many physical prototypes.

Robotic Typography Summary (2005)

In response to all the media attention being given to my typography robots, I formed this page for easy viewing of the big picture in the project.

RibbonType (2003)

You type a character to this single-letter sign with a mobile device, AIM, or the web, and it responds by forming the approximate typographic shape through contorting a thin white ribbon. In the following video, the cover has been removed from the installation, exposing the insides for fu...

Worm: Robot you can scare (2002)

This robotic worm moves around and bows at who ever gets close to it. The piece was received by the audience as a strange pet. No artificial intelligence was involved, but people grew attached to the unpredictable personality, controlled by the unpredictable factors in my camera vision software...

Davenport Sans : Robotic Typeface (2002)

As you press keys on the keyboard, six wooden "brush strokes" shift into place, forming the character most recently typed. This typeface is named after Thomas Davenport, inventor of the first DC motor in 1834.

Addon-Art pcomp Final (arm) (2002)

Interfaces to existing interactive installations can be altered by building additional technology on top of them. This motorized arm interacts with other physical pieces by being present, moving its joints, and waving a flashlight. What if twenty students made twenty pieces that could interac...