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works tagged with scribble

EAZ AR/MR Workshop (2005)

Report: FACT HCI Augmented Reality Workshop, Success.

GRL Graffiti Brush (2007)

I shared a hotel with knights of Graffiti Research Lab (GRL) et. al. in Barcelona whilst showing at offf 2007. At one point, I coded this brush that turns a few mouse drags into a randomly generated bubbly blingy style. The brush code was then massaged into <a href="http://graffitiresearchlab.com/?...

withDRAWal (2009)

withDRAWal is a series of ten interactive scribble styles commissioned by Graham Peet of The Public in West Bromwich, England. I programmed and tested the whole thing at Beit T'Shuvah. Each mode responds to the scribbling input in a different way. In writing this software using ...

Multiple Mice drawing (2003)

Some mice were human and some were circuit.

CALL 212 995 3984 AND START WHISTLING (2003)

A Drawing Piece by Josh Nimoy, 2003. Medium: Computer and Electronic Circuitry. Viewers are able to call this installation from a cell phone. When they whistle, ascending scales make vertical strokes on the "paper" while descending scales make more horizontal strokes. Volume will affect the fatn...

Impracticality: Early Attempts At Interactivity (1996)

This was my first and earliest attempt in high school to create art with my programming. I was still very new at computers, and at the time, making a great effort to apply those skills I had learned for fun on my graphing calculator - to my PC. I loved making little games and tiny reactiv...

Scribble Variations (2001)

Artistic Variations on the classic "scribble" interactivity - used as teaching examples Instructions: Click an image to view shockwave. Draw.

Baby Crafts (1979)

These crafts were found archived in a family garage.