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jtnimoy - works tagged with "selfportrait"
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works tagged with selfportrait

boogyman1 (2007)

kitten1 (2007)

gellical with pixazzz *^

fairy1 (2007)

dancing with the lavender moon glow.

mimeface1 (2007)

i see you. <br/> i type you. <br/> do you love me? [spacebar] <br/> you see me. <br/> type love. [spacebar] <br/> love types. <br/> type sees. [spacebar] <br/> type is you. <br/> love type.[spacebar] <br/> type sees [spacebar] you [spacebar]and [spacebar]me [spacebar]

Drawing7 Self Representation (2003)

Make a self portrait on paper in color. Use at least three but no more than six colors. Use any materials you want---crayon, pastel, collage, found color, water color, oil, acrylic, colored pencil, magic markers and so on. (One note on collage: you can for instance cut strips of color from a m...

Hand Map (2002)

Week 1 Assignments Problem: Make an interactive map of your brain or body, or a mine field of life. [without defining any variables or going far beyond what we were taught so far] This piece is inspired by Lisa Steele's 'Birthday Suit - Scars and Defects', 1974.

Junior High Projects (1990)

Experiences attending Malaga Cove and Palos Verdes Intermediate Schools.

Adolescent Drawing and Painting (1994)

Samples of work from high school art classes, mainly taught by Linda Jo Russell and Patricia Merrill.

Handwritten Photomosaics (1999)

Several pieces produced with tools I programmed, which deal with the (now cliched) concept of smaller images as pixels. Image collections were mostly taken from stock-photo CDs. Others from whatever was sitting on my hard drive. I did not consider them from an artistically meaningful perspective...

Elementary School Illustrations (1988)

Art done while attending Lunanda Bay Elementary School in Palos Verdes.