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works tagged with typography

Film Titles for Innuendo (2003)

Innuendo is a film produced by Dayna Frank and written and directed by Ethan Tobman, alumni of the NYU Tisch film school. I was asked to do the titles and credits for this spoof comedy Sundance entry. The below image is the concept tests. The final version turned out to be much less ornimented....

Film titles and credits for Adjusting Well (2003)

Adjusting Well is a film produced by Rachel Miller, written and directed by Glenn Clements. Both of these people are alumni of the NYU Tisch film school. I was asked to do the titles and credits for this romantic slapstick comedy.

Pentagram Work (2003)

I worked at Pentagram, New York in the summers of 2003 and 2004, and made a small webpage with images on it at some point.

Sensitive Invite for ITP TNO (2003)

This interactive announcement was done for ITP Thursday Night Outs, hosted by Lian Chang. Because of the sensitive 9 11 date, a design expression opportunity arose.

RibbonType (2003)

You type a character to this single-letter sign with a mobile device, AIM, or the web, and it responds by forming the approximate typographic shape through contorting a thin white ribbon. In the following video, the cover has been removed from the installation, exposing the insides for fu...

Nano Haikus (2002)

Five interactive typography art pieces, commissioned for Zero@WaveFunction, an art project more popularly known as "Nano." Instructions: Move, click, and drag your mouse while reading the texts. Try clicking and dragging in different places, many times.

CNSI Interactive Logo (2002)

A logo piece commissioned for California Nanosystems Institute, conveying maleability in common matter. The design concept was extrapolated until it became the final logo. Instructions: drag the dots to change aspects of the hairy surface.

KOCOART.com (2002)

I collaborated with designer Jiyoon Chun at the School of Visual Arts in New York in creating an interactive exhibition for the Museum for Korean Contemporary Art. Based on style guides and mockups, I created three online exhibits in Shockwave.

Global Experimentation Group Logo (2004)

This is a logo designed for the "Global Experimentation Group", an arts non-profit organization providing funding to other less corporately-adherent collectives. A True Type font was provided to allow users to create crisp vector-based logo graphics on their Word documents without having deskto...

Rollerforms (2004)

My graduate thesis project was to create a third robotic typography sculpture, and to think about the three pieces as one large project. I documented my design process and created many physical prototypes.

Still Moving Logo Design (2006)

Logo design project for art exhibit curated by Monica Nunez Laiseca. The final choice was #2. The logo was used for branding purposes.

bjodrickprojection (2008)

in San Francisco on the building 101 Broderick, a lowercase r hangs upsidedown. An upsidedown lowercase r was projected from a window of the opposite building.

textflasher (2009)

Marc Nimoy Extraordinaire was redoing the website for the UCLA Center for Intercultural Performance (CIP) and he had embedded a small animated gif that had a marquee of text announces and fun blur transitioning. I offered to redo it in Flash 8, and give him a lot of customization fea...

Marc's Senior Recital Cover Design (2006)

A programme designed for brother Marc's graduation from the UCLA music department. The graphics are intended to communicate the dissolving of the guitar into nothingness. The page folds vertically in half, bisecting the guitar's circular hole.

Nike 'One' (2006)

Motion Theory's workflow of the Nike 'One' commercials did not just benefit from an applet programmed by one of the team members. This time, the core workflow became a team of four visual programmers risking carpel tunnel to generate a diversity of floating engineering graphics using every trick in...

Rollerforms Mockup (2004)

This was an applet written to demonstrate how a piece of physical computing in my future would roll about, forming letters. Instructions: click the applet and type.

Phonemoneme (2004)

Phonemoneme is an expressive simple-rule-based toy or musical instrument or game, like BallDroppings. It uses both the keyboard and the mouse to play. In it, my handwriting moves through space, interacting with four colored bars. These adjustable bars affect motion in different ways. Each graph...

Robotic Typography Summary (2005)

In response to all the media attention being given to my typography robots, I formed this page for easy viewing of the big picture in the project.

Hex Pure (2002)

a typeface traced from chicken wire. This font was made for a brochure design commissioned by a nanotechnology research institute obsessed with the aesthetics of hexagons. To my surprise, more favor was put by the client on being hexagonally aligned than legibility.

Davenport Sans : Robotic Typeface (2002)

As you press keys on the keyboard, six wooden "brush strokes" shift into place, forming the character most recently typed. This typeface is named after Thomas Davenport, inventor of the first DC motor in 1834.

MIT Media Lab Research with ACG (1999)

I received the indescribable honor of being invited by John Maeda to join the Aesthetics and Computation Group at the MIT Media lab for a summer, as an undergraduate researcher (UROP). The experience changed me forever. I helped to develop the Design By Numbers system, made them a pretty font ed...

Undergrad Design Show Interface (1999)

Interactive Kiosk for student work. A curving bud opens and closes while shy student titles react and play. Press Spacebar to trigger one of several kiosk-attraction modes.

ASCII Imaging (1999)

I produced a few ascii based images using a converter I wrote. Although the idea is cliche now, I was thrilled at the idea that pixels could be replaced with meaningful symbols. Other students used the software for their work, which also thrilled me. It was the feeling of automated collaboration. T...

SynerGL Demo (1999)

This is a prototype for a graphics system I proposed to the UCLA Design student group which allowed for creative interactive typesetting. The provided example defines a "mouse-responsive curve HTML tag" for the text. The idea was rejected because it was not anti-aliased. To interact with the app...

Messages: Motion Type Short (1999)

A motion type animated short about sending messages into space, done in Gail Swanlund's Motion Typography class, Desma 155.

Interpolated Oval Letterforms (1998)

This sort of work (influenced mainly by Peter Cho) predates the widespread presence of keyboard-controlled type shapes on the web. Click the black area then start typing.

Moment: Interactive Typography (1998)

Type Motion Play (1999)

A short animation using motion to express typographic forms, done as the first animated project for Gail Swanlund's Motion Typography class.

Type Masturbation (1999)

Final project in Gail Swanlund's Typography class. A photographic collage is processed into text taken from a book I wrote in high school about reality being too much. I was attempting to make too much text. The original piece uses a truetype font I created in the class.

Textension: Word Processor Variations (1999)

Textension was a collection of 10 interactive experiments in making creative variations of word processing applications. It was my response as an artist to the way programmers always use the typewriter metaphor when they are creating a typesetting application. Textension combines the metaphor ...

Sinapse Identity (2001)

Reactive Logo for Sinapse, a new UCLA Center, dedicated to networking other UCLA Centers to each other. The Java applet features "centralized" and "decentralized" network simulation, based on the building shapes in the UCLA map. Hold your mouse down for a long time to see the buildings turn in...

Nanana MessageBoard Jungle-Gym (2001)

NANANA is a 3D message board, whose interface is based on the structure of an old jungle gym from my elementary school. A 360 degree photographed version the jungle gym I had in mind (from the playground of Lunada Bay Elementary, in Palos Verdes) spins as super-imposed 2D lines of text float in ...

Learning from Gail Swanlund (2001)

Several print design excercises under Gail Swanlund's direction.

Lecture Series Poster Designs (2000)

Poster designs for Design | Media Arts lecture Series. [TODO: again, all these images are being used as their own hi res.]

ShortTakes Program (2000)

Folding program for SHORTTAKES Annual Film Festival

Intraface: Interactive Exploration (1999)

If "interpersonal" means communication between two people, and "intrapersonal" means communication between an individual and himself, then what is an intraface to an interface? This was an early artistic exploration in interface design/art.

Dabbling in Flash with Type (2000)

A couple Flash pieces, an act of good faith to the desktop publishing community.

Conservative: Interactive Shockwave (1998)