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Maya Smooth View Plugin (2001)

Concerned with the quality of my 3D animation screen shots, I wrote this experimental plugin that enables smooth lines in the Maya model editing windows. note: only works in Maya 3 MEL Command: modelEditorAntiAlias

OpenGL Sketches (2001)

These are a few openGL experiments. They were not meant as finished pieces, but merely practice exercises. Each executable program shows an animated 3D object, drawn by code. "Cubewalk" is interactive - type A,S,D,and W.

EZIO Director Xtra (2001)

I was involved in authoring software plugin allows Macromedia Director Lingo to control an EZIO Board, developed at the University of Michigan School of Art and Design by Micheal Rodemer and Ed Bennett in order to make circuitry and computing much easier for artists. As the board is meant to m...

Grad Lingo Workshop (2001)

I taught a graduate workshop in Lingo programming, in conjunction with Maria Redin's Physical computing workshop. She taught them sensors, circuitry, and EZIO programming. I taught them the basics of programming, on-screen animation, and I made myself available for a couple months to answer th...

Astronaut Wife Music Video (2001)

A music video for "Cape Canaveral" by a new band from MN, Astronaut Wife This was also the final project for UCLA Design 156b, 3D animation class. The video is meant as a pastiche to all the scientific 3D lego work I've seen which has no story or emotion. I made my best effort to include every pos...

Lung Reactive Elevator (2001)

We took over the UCLA Dickson Hall elevator and made it hug you when you touched its walls. Floor buttons also controlled music. It involved sensors and motors controlled by a computer.

Maya PostScript Export Plugin (2001)

I was surprised to discover that Alias Wavefront Maya does not export wireframes to Illustrator! I wrote this plugin so I could incorporate my 3D work into my print design, without having to render and take screenshots. Since the plugin simply intercepts the OpenGL commands of a window refresh ...

QuickVector Xtra (2001)

QuickVector is an Asset Xtra (plugin) for Macromedia Director. It creates a new kind of sprite which draws lines, curves, polygons, and more in different colors using Lingo code - extremely fast. This Xtra was written for Tangible Typography, a UCLA Design | Media Arts class taught by Jennifer...

Sinapse Identity (2001)

Reactive Logo for Sinapse, a new UCLA Center, dedicated to networking other UCLA Centers to each other. The Java applet features "centralized" and "decentralized" network simulation, based on the building shapes in the UCLA map. Hold your mouse down for a long time to see the buildings turn in...

BLUR Creative Photoshop re-writes (2001)

Five creative variations on blur, as in the "blur" tool found in common pixel graphics editing tools. These were part of an independent study with Professor Rebecca Allen in which I made post-tool-software and post-video-game art.

Web Cam Kaleidoscopes (2001)

Kaleidoscopes that manipulate real time video input from a commercial "web cam." Click to alternate between mouse-controlled and time-controlled rotation.

Undergrad Design Show '00 Interface (2000)

UCLA Undergraduate Design Exhibit's 2000 Interactive design kiosk for viewing student work. Thumbnails spin according to distance from mouse, graphics slide back and forth on screen, also responding to mouse. Cursor shrinks and grows to fit thumbnails.

Interactive Hills (2001)

Four aesthetic video games, in which one traverses a 3D scene with keyboard arrow keys, while the ground slowly raises up from below. These are not intended as "terrain design" software, so much as they are one exploration in relationships between movement, and a possible spatial artifact...

Creative VECTOR tool re-writes (2001)

Vector - A series of creative variations on a vector path tool, commonly found in vector graphics software like Illustrator and Freehand. Vertices are allowed to behave in ways which celebrate the act of drawing a shape by laying down points. These are part of a larger series, in which ...

Illustrator Scripting Plugin (2001)

Illustrator Scripting Palette Plugin, meant for programmatic image creation within the Adobe Illustrator environment.

DMALab Logo Installation (2001)

Screen Installation for the grand opening of DMALabs (Sept 24, 2001), running on 4 screens in a curved display case built by John Ruppel. Six visual interpretations of the logo spin about the screen, alternating every few minutes.

Scribble Variations (2001)

Artistic Variations on the classic "scribble" interactivity - used as teaching examples Instructions: Click an image to view shockwave. Draw.

JTNGSE (2001)

JTNGSE was a graphics editing program that was half GUI, half scripting. I originally wrote it for undergraduate friends in the UCLA design department because I was sad to hear that John Maeda's awesome Design by Numbers "did not save" or "did not support color." I also saw that Processing was won...

The n0time Saver (2002)

A PC screen saver that communicates with other screen savers via internet, slowly building a sculptural object on the screen. Working closely with the UCLA DMA chair to adapt a concept from her original n0time installation into this new delivery format, I made a screen saver, network server, an...

Re: Shadow (2002)

Passers by encounter a display made from finely combed sand, reflecting expressive "shadows" of their bodies. This artificial shadow system intends to ask questions of designer intervention with nature, and aesthetically explores commonly seen polygonal body form outlines in a real-time contex...

CNSI Interactive Logo (2002)

A logo piece commissioned for California Nanosystems Institute, conveying maleability in common matter. The design concept was extrapolated until it became the final logo. Instructions: drag the dots to change aspects of the hairy surface.

Worm: Robot you can scare (2002)

This robotic worm moves around and bows at who ever gets close to it. The piece was received by the audience as a strange pet. No artificial intelligence was involved, but people grew attached to the unpredictable personality, controlled by the unpredictable factors in my camera vision software...

UCLA Design Exhibit Kiosk (2002)

The kiosk interface for showing the student work at the UCLA Design | Media Arts Undergraduate Exhibit 2002 was a rotating 3D conception of the postcard announcing the exhibit. Viewers dragged the screen to turn the object, then clicked on the text items to launch interactive student works. The ...

Marc's Senior Recital Cover Design (2006)

A programme designed for brother Marc's graduation from the UCLA music department. The graphics are intended to communicate the dissolving of the guitar into nothingness. The page folds vertically in half, bisecting the guitar's circular hole.

Motion Paintings Software (2002)

MotionPaintings was a system I built in collaboration with artist, Rebecca Allen, based on the terrain mapping from her emmersive environment, Emergence. It allows her to easily create a looping keyed path of 3D cameras, intended for motion-tweening at the speed of growing plants. The idea...

Nano Haikus (2002)

Five interactive typography art pieces, commissioned for Zero@WaveFunction, an art project more popularly known as "Nano." Instructions: Move, click, and drag your mouse while reading the texts. Try clicking and dragging in different places, many times.

Interactive Buckyballs (2002)

The Zerowave Buckyball projection was an interactive environment that allowed users to interact with squishy balls by using their shadow gestures. This piece was commissioned by Victoria Vesna and James Gimzewski. The Zerowave Buckyball Projection is legally represented by and is property of ...

Nanana MessageBoard Jungle-Gym (2001)

NANANA is a 3D message board, whose interface is based on the structure of an old jungle gym from my elementary school. A 360 degree photographed version the jungle gym I had in mind (from the playground of Lunada Bay Elementary, in Palos Verdes) spins as super-imposed 2D lines of text float in ...

UCLA Design Newsletter Identity (2001)

UCLA Design | Media Arts annual newsletter 2001, based on the aesthetic of junk coupon mailer packages.

UCLA Design Events Poster (2001)

A mailer / fold-out poster designed for UCLA department of Design | Media Arts Based on Val-Pak junk mailer coupons. Each speaker has their own coupon. I was later hired to carry the aesthetic into the Fall newsletter.

Fashion Play (2001)

I organized a one-quarter fashion design research group in the design department in order to study garment-making for the sake of diversity, and also to show people that you really can study anything you want here. Some planned to do garments and typogaphy. Some planned to make a single dress ...

Learning from Gail Swanlund (2001)

Several print design excercises under Gail Swanlund's direction.

Hex Pure (2002)

a typeface traced from chicken wire. This font was made for a brochure design commissioned by a nanotechnology research institute obsessed with the aesthetics of hexagons. To my surprise, more favor was put by the client on being hexagonally aligned than legibility.

DMA Newsletter (2002)

a hyper-ornate annual newsletter used by the UCLA Department of Design | Media Arts. Cover folds our as poster.

Lecture Series Poster Designs (2000)

Poster designs for Design | Media Arts lecture Series. [TODO: again, all these images are being used as their own hi res.]

UCLArts Logo Stop Animation (2000)

For a final project in James Bassler's form class, I did a stop-animation with Eric Mendez to produce a UCLArts logo short film. The final project in the class was the bird sculpture, which still hangs from the ceiling in the computer lab at school.

Type Motion Play (1999)

A short animation using motion to express typographic forms, done as the first animated project for Gail Swanlund's Motion Typography class.

Moment: Interactive Typography (1998)

Simple Interactive (1998)

Messages: Motion Type Short (1999)

A motion type animated short about sending messages into space, done in Gail Swanlund's Motion Typography class, Desma 155.

SynerGL Demo (1999)

This is a prototype for a graphics system I proposed to the UCLA Design student group which allowed for creative interactive typesetting. The provided example defines a "mouse-responsive curve HTML tag" for the text. The idea was rejected because it was not anti-aliased. To interact with the app...

PolyEdit (1999)

Poly Edit is a kind of development program I wrote in hopes to speed up the behavior scripting process for Rebecca Allen's Emergence project. This was also the first Help system the project had. The application is based around the emergent processes for creating reactive creatures in the 3D worl...

3D Modeling Studies (1999)

My beginnings with 3D modeling were rather uncomfortable. My favorites from below were the butterflies, among other simpler pieces. I felt discouraged by professor Cameron McNall, and my classmates. Almost none of the pieces you see below were done for class - and were equally thrown out of class cr...

Simple Interactive Composition (1998)

Conservative: Interactive Shockwave (1998)

Intelligent Layout Experiment (1998)

I made an early attempt at giving draggable points a kind of intelligence which would theoretically keep them visually organized. They "want" to form a swiss grid.

Photo-Realistic Coloring Book (1998)

This one-page coloring book takes care of the lighting and shading. You choose the colors. This is a watercolor by Chuck Close, entitled "Leslie"

Navigation for Synergy Web Site (1998)

With Brian Kobashikawa, I created a navigational element for the beginnings of a student group web site. Click to expand and contract. The "Synergy" node is also draggable.

Simple Interactive (1998)

Mimic: Simple Interactive (1998)

Simple Interactive (1998)

Simple Interactive (1998)

forum.design (1999)

I quickly built this newsgroup/messageboard as an effort to give my fellow design students a place to voice their opinions in a truly informal, yet public setting. People have been using it for years. The site has needed minimal maintenance, and allows the design students to change colors, image...

Center for Digital Arts Website (1999)

I redesigned the website for the Center for Digital Arts at UCLA, taking it from Mom & Pop to something local design students could look at. Pieces of my original layouts and graphics still remain in dark corners.

UCLARadio.com (2000)

Interface design for UCLARadio (KLA)

Dabbling in Flash with Type (2000)

A couple Flash pieces, an act of good faith to the desktop publishing community.

Intraface: Interactive Exploration (1999)

If "interpersonal" means communication between two people, and "intrapersonal" means communication between an individual and himself, then what is an intraface to an interface? This was an early artistic exploration in interface design/art.

ShortTakes Program (2000)

Folding program for SHORTTAKES Annual Film Festival

Daily Bruin Advertising (2000)

Site prototype for an advertising interface that the Daily Bruin newspaper would use to automate its advertising division. Note: This presentation prototype is meant only for IE5+ browsers.

Jee, Thanks Rawk! (2000)

A series of short mock advertisements for a web presentation in Feb. 2000. RAWK (not my idea) was the name of our design team. Henry was the victim of our urgent need to make cheesy zero-budget film with only 3 hours of edit time. Apparently, a state-wide film festival liked it.

Bruinwalk.com (2000)

For money, I worked to design / implement the first interactively functioning Bruinwalk.com, summer 2000. I ended up writing a web based file system, user access system, and a web based pop email client with MIME attachment support and a spell check - it was quite a painful process. The site d...
Tags: ucla website

Image Capture Class (1999)

Cameron McNall's Image Capture class was my 5th and last photography course. In my opinion, it was also the most unique of the five. Here is a morphing object QTVR. This was before the professor taught Object QTVRs (only panoramic) and before he taught morphing. Actually one quarter before. Drag...

Synergy Workshop Advertisements (1999)

Playful advertisements for community software workshops, produced by a student who had not yet begun learning print media. They needed to catch attention, and they needed to convey information. Otherwise, no one cared what I was throwing on. I used found photos. This was during the pre-Gabe-Dunne e...

Vasa's Color (1999)

After taking a core class on color theory, I produced this rather young and angsty memoir. On it, one can see the kinds of assignments that Vasa gives his color theory students.
Tags: acrylic ucla

Undergrad Design Show Interface (1999)

Interactive Kiosk for student work. A curving bud opens and closes while shy student titles react and play. Press Spacebar to trigger one of several kiosk-attraction modes.

ASCII Imaging (1999)

I produced a few ascii based images using a converter I wrote. Although the idea is cliche now, I was thrilled at the idea that pixels could be replaced with meaningful symbols. Other students used the software for their work, which also thrilled me. It was the feeling of automated collaboration. T...

Type Masturbation (1999)

Final project in Gail Swanlund's Typography class. A photographic collage is processed into text taken from a book I wrote in high school about reality being too much. I was attempting to make too much text. The original piece uses a truetype font I created in the class.

CDA Brochure Design (1999)

Print design for the Center for Digital Arts for one of their showcases. [TODO: DEV PROBLEM - IMAGES NEED TO HAVE SEPARATE FILE FOR THUMB]

Textension: Word Processor Variations (1999)

Textension was a collection of 10 interactive experiments in making creative variations of word processing applications. It was my response as an artist to the way programmers always use the typewriter metaphor when they are creating a typesetting application. Textension combines the metaphor ...

Malleable Interface (1998)

This was the first thing I did in the UCLA design department, as a fine art major crashing one of their media classes taught by Robert Abel. I led a group of students in producing a malleable interface for a completely unrelated topic. The experience was both embarrassing and enlighteni...