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jtnimoy - works tagged with "visualization"
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works tagged with visualization

Map for the Sefton Park Walk (2006)

A map of Liverpool's Sefton Park for the Sefton Walk Park project, the sound player will follow the trail and even catch its place when the user jumps around in the playback controller. I'm also particularly proud of the black and white version of the map. The map had to be drawn from several refer...

Disappeared In America Interactive Timeline (2006)

Interactive Flash-based visualization of news items pulled from a mysql database for an art-activism group. I developed this in preparation for a show at FACT, Liverpool having just made friends with project leader Naeem Mohaiemen. The project was supposed to be open source, but I ca...

Imagined Overtures Album Cover (2011)

The album art for the Los Angeles Electric 8's new release took a lot of love from the community. The circular element is a visualization of the entire album's contents. Treated as one track, the sound data was analyzed using a fast fourier transform in OpenFrameworks and stored as white...

Not My Uncle (2013)

Data visualization illustrating my genetic relationship to a hollywood celebrity. Because of my last name, I get asked about this relationship quite frequently. People often assume for some (probably very interesting and study-able socialogical) reason that Leonard is my uncle when in rea...

Disuvero Primes Collaboration (2004)

Collaborative relationship with artist sculptor Mark Disuvero in search of patterns in prime numbers. The following are a few visualizations produced from various programming languages. click for high resolution file.

Detlab (2004)

I co-founded a project in the East Village, providing a peer-invite safe-haven for free thinking experimenters to get support to continue experimenting, and owning/controlling their own work. DET, as coined by Yoshimi Shin, stands for Design Entertainment Technology. The online system provided ...

Motion Paintings Software (2002)

MotionPaintings was a system I built in collaboration with artist, Rebecca Allen, based on the terrain mapping from her emmersive environment, Emergence. It allows her to easily create a looping keyed path of 3D cameras, intended for motion-tweening at the speed of growing plants. The idea...

EarthFolding (2003)

A computer screen shows the Earth floating in outer-space. Slowly, as the computer receives and sends Internet data, this model of the Earth folds itself to bring the two countries closer to one another. I hope to illustrate the post-regionality of online community through contorting the land...

Pentagram Work (2003)

I worked at Pentagram, New York in the summers of 2003 and 2004, and made a small webpage with images on it at some point.

Calendar Flow (2004)

A stand-alone wall-mounted or table-sitting piece that slowly logs the ambient light, creating a kind of diagram showing the light activity in your life as it accumilates. The light pattern is interpretted as a sound grain table,making a humming tone out of your activity.

The n0time Saver (2002)

A PC screen saver that communicates with other screen savers via internet, slowly building a sculptural object on the screen. Working closely with the UCLA DMA chair to adapt a concept from her original n0time installation into this new delivery format, I made a screen saver, network server, an...