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Map for the Sefton Park Walk (2006)

A map of Liverpool's Sefton Park for the Sefton Walk Park project, the sound player will follow the trail and even catch its place when the user jumps around in the playback controller. I'm also particularly proud of the black and white version of the map. The map had to be drawn from several refer...

Sparkle Labs Web Development (2009)

I developed two versions of this company website for my friends from ITP. They would email me still mockups showing me their designs and I would distill that into a real site. The first site in 2006 was a lot of flash, php, and xml. The second site in 2009 is more php and html layout...

How Many Paid? (2010)

A minimal meme-sized ecommerce piece meant as a commentary on micropayment, web services, self-reflexivity, and recursion.

Critical Path (2011)

I worked with an "indie" hollywood studio in collaboration with Jody Zellen in designing and building a web-based UI to present their interview videos of the top industry game designers on HTML5 canvas and video elements. I used ProcessingJS. The interface featured a line-...

Benetton / Fabrica : ThreatMeter (2004)

I was involved in the early stages of a collaborative web prank for art's sake, created at the Interactive Media Department of Fabrica / Benetton during after-hours. This site shows an embarrassingly ignorant company selling fake products to help American citizens participate in the nation's ne...

ITP Site Redesign (2003)

Working closely with faculty and students, I redesigned the cover page of ITP's website. This design was used by ITP from Winter 2002 to Fall 2004.
Tags: itp nyu website

Center for Digital Arts Website (1999)

I redesigned the website for the Center for Digital Arts at UCLA, taking it from Mom & Pop to something local design students could look at. Pieces of my original layouts and graphics still remain in dark corners.

Daily Bruin Advertising (2000)

Site prototype for an advertising interface that the Daily Bruin newspaper would use to automate its advertising division. Note: This presentation prototype is meant only for IE5+ browsers.

Bruinwalk.com (2000)

For money, I worked to design / implement the first interactively functioning Bruinwalk.com, summer 2000. I ended up writing a web based file system, user access system, and a web based pop email client with MIME attachment support and a spell check - it was quite a painful process. The site d...
Tags: ucla website

forum.design (1999)

I quickly built this newsgroup/messageboard as an effort to give my fellow design students a place to voice their opinions in a truly informal, yet public setting. People have been using it for years. The site has needed minimal maintenance, and allows the design students to change colors, image...