Print design, taught by Gail Swanlund, former member of Emigre, type + image designer and teacher at CalArts, Art Center and UCLA Design.

Some Projects:

Hidden Product

Design an ad for a product that has been described to the designer in a painfully cryptic fashion.

with a custom typeface.

Four Los Angeles Postcards

Based on lyrics by M Doughty

Made with a custom typeface, Voodoo Sans; stuffed cloth letterforms manipulated in different superstitious ways:

Valentine Cards (for fun)

This piece was purely inside jokes, but it was conceptually the beginning of what became a department-officiated "look" a year later.

Uncut Sheet

WALLS Magazine

A silly set of layouts about different walls, surrounded by advertisements for a jacket I had designed the same week.



Norman Rockwell at Lacma

A set of sketches for a billboard triptic, announcing the art show of my dreams. The "dunking" sketch was ultimately chosen, and reproduced in acrylic on canvas as a final project, using Rockwell's tracing technique.

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