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Josh Nimoy is a free floating creative technologist, available for contract. He has a BA from UCLA department of Design | Media Arts and a masters degree from NYU Tisch Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP). His past work ranges from traditional print design and illustration to highly experimental concept; Robotic typography, camera-vision experimentation, and irritating network memes. Nimoy's work is playful in nature, and grounded in a working repertoire of digital and physical building. As an artist, Josh indulges in the pleasures of simple aesthetics, but is concerned with the effects of commercialism on the sensation of technological empowerment. He expresses a personal catharsis towards human-computer interaction in general. As a designer, Josh focuses on the psychological ergonomics of repetitive interface, and heightening the designer's awareness of the surrounding world. As a technologist, Josh shines best as a rapid prototyper of software and physical, also specializing in bridging the gap in communication between creative and engineering professionals. Because his technical skills are born from creative or content-driven needs, Nimoy's technical counseling has gained value even in non-creative situations that simply call for a new conceptual approach to technology research. Josh is known to drive conventional programmers crazy with his unorthodox coding methods. He has been a graduate thesis advisor at the School of Visual Arts in New York and aided teaching at UCLA. He has worked with Weiden+Kennedy, Benetton, and Pentagram, as well as countless artistic individuals in LA and New York. Josh has lectured & exhibited work in different countries, and is currently in production on a new series of synaesthetic software art pieces in collaboration with usability scientists via the Foundation of Arts and Creative Technology in Liverpool, England.


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April 2005
TheNimoys perform at Hammer Museum

Dec 2004
Telesquishy in LA Times

Nov 2004
Minipong Showing in Stefan Lindfors Gallery

Nov 2004
New Article by Josh about tools published by SetPixel

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BallDroppings musical toy
Phonemoneme musical toy
RibbonType Networked
Robotic Type Display
Experiments at Pentagram
Squishable Media
EarthFolding : Carnivore Client
Ambient Telepresence Windchimes
What Is Victoria's Secret?
Film titles and credits for Adjusting Well
The Dancer
ITP Site Redesign
Proce55ing Tutorial for Flash/Lingo-ers
Addon-Art pcomp Final (arm)
Virtual Paper Folding
TheBebie claymation
Davenport Sans : Robotic Typeface
Exquisite Corpse Paint
Jiggle Glass
Minipong:Micro Pong Wall Installation
The Baby Tickle Bubble Game
Intelligent Snap Toy
DMA Newsletter
Hand Map
Hex Pure
Nano Haikus
Re: Shadow

n0time Screensaver



Motion Paintings Software

Web Cam Kaleidoscopes
BLUR Creative Photoshop re-writes
Interactive Hills
Creative VECTOR tool re-writes
Illustrator Scripting Plugin
Sinapse Identity
QuickVector Xtra
OpenGL Sketches
Maya Smooth View Plugin
Grad Lingo Workshop
Maya PostScript Export Plugin
Lung Reactive Elevator
Scribble Variations 1999-2001
UCLA Design Events Poster
Nanana MessageBoard Jungle-Gym
Fashion Play
Learning from Gail Swanlund
Dabbling in Flash with Type
ShortTakes Program
Daily Bruin Advertising
Jee, Thanks Rawk!
Lecture Series Poster Designs

Motion Type Play

Messages Motion Type Short
SynerGL Demo
Textension Word Processor Variations
MIT Media Lab Research with ACG
Handwritten Photomosaics

Undergrad Design Show '00 Interface

Undergrad Design Show Interface
ASCII Imaging
Type Masturbation
3D Modeling Attempts
CDA Brochure Design
Synergy Workshop Advertisements
Image Capture Class
Intraface Interactive Exploration
Navigation for Synergy Web Site
Butterflies Reactive Photography
Photo-Realistic Coloring Book
Mimic Simple Interactive
Simple Interactive
Simple Interactive
Simple Interactive
Interactive Letterforms
Conservative Interactive Typography
Simple Interactive
Simple Interactive Composition
Malleable Interface
Interactive Typography
Jaggy World Web Experiment
Early Attempts At Interactivity 1994-1996
Drawing/Paintng Illustration Work 1992-1996


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