Technical - RibbonType Networked Robotic Type

This kinetic sculpture plugs into the wall for power and also has an ethernet socket (RJ45). The machine functions independently, without being hooked up to a laptop or desktop computer, but in order to interact with this machine and make it move, a TCP/IP network is required.

The screen name to send AOL Instant Messages to from your PDA or phone is RIBBONTYPE. If you have a web browser on your mobile device, also try The object is meant as a physical installation and not intended for experience on the web by people connecting from drastically remote geographies. Although, using TCP/IP for communications would suggest such intention.

Ten motorized potentiometers driven by ten dissasembled servo circuits are controlled from one reprogrammable chip using a network coprocessor chip to handle most of the OSI model. The ribbons are plastic.

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