? Curriculum Vitae - Joshua T. Nimoy (b. 1979)
Archive of work documentation: www.jtnimoy.com
email contact: jn429 [at] nyu [dot] edu?


Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP), NYU, 2002-2004 - Graduate studies in experimental new media at Tisch School of Arts in Manhattan.

MIT Media Lab, Summer 1999
- Visiting researcher (UROP) in computational aesthetics in the Aesthetics and Computation Group (ACG) lead by Prof. John Maeda

University of California Los Angeles, 1997-2002
- Bachelor of Arts from the Department of Design | Media Arts, with a specialization in digital cultures and technologies

Palos Verdes Peninsula High School, Los Angeles - Fine Art and Illustration studies focus, class of 1997

California State Summer School for the Arts, Calarts 1996, 1997 - Two years - Focused studies in experimental painting / photography / installation / performance / creativity at California Institute for the Arts, Valencia, CA

Teaching School of Visual Arts (SVA) Graduate Independent Study, 2003, 2004 - graduate independent study teaching in the MFA Computer Art department (paid) New York, NY

ITP Proce55ing Workshop, Feb 2003
- Volunteer Interactive multimedia programming workshops given to ITP graduate students. Original course material written for this workshop is used by many new media classes around the world. New York, NY

Teacher's Assistant Sept, 2001 - TA for Tangible Typography, taught by Jennifer Steinkamp and Gail Swanlund. Helped develop course materials (paid). Los Angeles, CA

UCLA Design Physical Computing Workshop July, 2001
- Interactive Graphics animation programming workshops given to design|media arts graduate students and professors (volunteer). Los Angeles, CA

Teacher's Assistant July, 2001
- TA twice for Creative Use of the Internet, taught by Artist Jody Zellen (paid). Los Angeles, CA

Underground Design Student Software Workshops 1998,1999 - Quarterly Volunteer Workshops for the students, by the students. Familiarizing new students with Adobe software - because such guidance was not being provided by the faculty at large and the students needed it very badly. Classes offered: Basic Web Media, Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator. Beginning, Intermediate, and advanced Director Lingo. Los Angeles, CA

For Money

Fabrica / United Colors of Benetton, 2004 - ongoing Working in Interactive Media group, headed by Andy Cameron. Research and Development on physical computing, development of storefront installations and interactive media software

Weiden+Kennedy, 2004 - - Interactive Media design for Nike Cole Haan campaign, working with Jon Zast.

DETLab, 2004 - ongoing - Founding head of the Design-Entertainment-Technology Laboratory of New York City; a free, trust-based safe-haven for people with new ideas. The self-governed, invite-only infrastructure is at www.detlab.com

Pentagram, 2003 - current - Worked with partner Lisa Strausfeld to design interactive typography and streaming database forms. Design team included David Lu, Jiae Kim, and Jack Zerby. Projects: Pentagram Archive, Concept for Mohawk Papers, and involved briefly with concept development for Seattle Art Museum, Bloomberg, and Walker Art Center. New York, NY

NetMedia, 2003 -
An educational technology company, purchases Nimoy's research & teaching materials on their product. Tucson, Arizona

Collaborative with Artist Rebecca Allen, 2002 -
Worked with Professor Allen in collaborative conceptual development and building process of new works of interactive onscreen art/design, most notably, Motion Paintings. Los Angeles, CA

Collaboration with Net Artist Victoria Vesna, 2002 -
Paid by chair of UCLA department of Design | Media Arts to do conceptual development and building of works she publishes as her own art, including notime (n 0 time), Sinapse, and single-handedly produced Vesna's notorious [email protected] Interactive Buckyball Projection. Los Angeles, CA

UCLA Student Media Services July, 2000
- Media Producer for experimental web-based intra-university media ideas. Designing and spawning of new media communication services, and subverting the old, in hopes to blur UCLA's perception of advertisement media, professional advertisement, art, and the natural university environment. Los Angeles, CA

Emergence, July 1999 - Behavior design, finite state machine programming, and user interface creation for Rebecca Allen's emmersive 3D interactive environment research project. (exhibited at Siggraph) Worked as part of a team of several designers and programmers. Los Angeles, CA

Selected "Web Design"
NYU ITP Front Page - Facelift for the cover page of ITP's program's site. 2002
UCLA Center for Digital Arts - UCLA Design Department online Spring 1999 - Spring 2000
Bruinwalk.com - A communication exchange portal site for UCLA. Hired and managed a team of designers and programmers to restructure and promote an old abandoned site.
Design By Numbers Courseware - Interface design & programming with Casey Reas on Professor John Maeda's web framework for classrooms who use DBN, an educational programming language for artists.

Online Sales of content
Online credit-card sales of USBXtra, a Macromedia Director plugin for hardware prototype designers and students. Online mail-order sales of computer generated experimental electronic music; original compositions done in artistic collaboration with brother Marc Nimoy

Lectures Murder By Design!, 2003 - Creative inspirational speech given at the Murder By Design! conference in Mandaluyong City, Philippines.

Visiting Speaker at School of Visual Arts (SVA) - Kathy Brew's MFACA graduate studies class, New York, New York, October 1, 2003 - Lectured about digital art and showed own work while discussing real world legal and collaboration issues by interacting with students in an intimate setting.

Visiting Speaker at DORKBOT in Gent, Belgium, June 2003 - Lectured about digital art and showed own work in a digital arts get-together, hosted by Professor Jan De Pauw. Nimoy also gave a brief demonstration of Proce55ing software by Casey Reas and Ben Fry.

Visiting Speaker at Festival Internacional De Linguagem Electronica (FILE) in Sao Paulo Brazil, August, 2002 -
Presentation of own portfolio, and its intersections with the work of Victoria Vesna. Demonstration of several interactive works, mainly focusing on intersection with Vesna, the experience of being a computationally able artist, and issues of identity involved with such a role.

Visiting Speaker at SCI-Arc "Text + Architecture," and "Writing in Architecture," March, 2002 -
Presentation of interactive typography. Discussed stylistic dictatorship of design software tools, and how a programming designer changes that. Classes taught by Benjamin Bratton and Bruna Mori.

Speaker at Digital Utopia/Digital Distopia: Rendering the Art Object, February, 2002 -
Presented interactive work at a panel organized by the UCLA Department of Art History and the UC Digital Cultures Project.

Visiting speaker at CalArts Institute November, 2001 -
Discussed working as a graphic designer and artist in a programming / interactive medium.

Visiting speaker at iXL Inc. January, 2000
- Discussed own work relating to new directions in new media and naive anecdotes for a frustrating designer's relationship with the client.

Visiting speaker at Loyola Marymount University
, Oct 1999 - Lectured about independent work with interactive typography at the "Unwriting the Word Festival".


ITP Shows, 2002 - 2004 Student Experimental art/design/tech research and collaborative results shown at Interactive Telecommunications Program's bi-yearly show nights, long term displays, and publications during two years of beloved student residence.

II Muestra de Arte Electr?nico, 2003 - Ricochet shown at II Muestra de Arte Electr?nico Villa de M?stoles (MAEM)

NANO at LACMA Lab, 2003 Victoria Vesna exhibits work done by Nimoy in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

DECODE, 2003
- digital art exhibit at Ateneo Gallery in Manila, Philippines

Artbot, 2003 -
Textension shows at EyeBeam in ArtBot, New York, NY

, 2003 - Work done for Vesna shows in NanoExpo, at University of Wisconsin-Madison

QVille Feb 2003 -
Works, including Re:Shadow exhibit at 38Nine in Long Island City. Curated by Gabrielle Luft. New York, NY

SWIM Feb 2003 -
Exhibit at SWIM in Manhattan, curated by
Vivian Lin. New York, NY

HVEDEKORN Poesi Kunst, Nov 2002
Scribbles shown in online exhibit, Denmark

ART FUTURA, Oct 2002
- Textension exhibited at ART FUTURA's Web As Canvas exhibit in Barcelona, Spain.

, Aug 2002 - n0time saver exhibits in Sao Paulo, Brasil.

Biennial of Electronic Arts,
Aug 2002 - Vesna premieres Nimoy's work. Perth, Australia.

UCLA Center For Digital Arts Showcase 1999, 2000-
Interactive work and selected photographic pieces shown at this annual festival.

Siggraph 1999-
Selected interactive design works displayed in two sections of the festival.

Films screened in SHORTTAKES 2000 -
Messages (honorable mentioned), a short motion typography film in an inter-university short film / animation festival. Jee, Thanks Rawk, a short film mocking consumer complacency.

New Getty Digital Experience 1998-2000 -
Interactive work displayed online at the New Getty Art Museum in Los Angeles

Publications Orange County Museum of Art 2004 - ongoing Curatorial Authorship in the OCMA Orange Lounge for New Media Art. Other authors include Amy Francescini, Dave Lu, Katherine Moriwaki, and Rich Streitmatter-Tran. site: www.ocma.net

Proce55ing Exhibition Section 2003- Ricochet, a software art piece published on Aug 2003 cover of proce55ing.net - now residing in the Exhibition section. Also, contributions to the "examples" section.

Interview with Philweavers, 2003 - Personal interview with Josh Nimoy about his work, and about his feelings concerning the industry. on Philweavers.net. Read the transcript at jtnimoy.net/pwinterview

PageDown, March 2003 -
Work published in PageDown issue #10. Manila, Philippines

HalfProject Feb 2003
- Work featured briefly in Filipino New Media Design Portal

EXPERIMENTAL Magazine, Feb 2003 -
Work featured briefly in visual culture online magazine in Romania

NewsToday, Dec 2002
- work featured briefly in online newspaper

Internet Art Digital Culture, Aug 2002- notime saver published in catalog for Festival Internacional De Linguagem Electronica. Sao Paulo, Brasil.

The Book After the Book , Aug 2002 - Textension reviewed by Giselle Beiguelman, published in LEA, an online publication of MIT Press. Cambridge MA. Read excerpt at www.jtnimoy.com/textension/excerpt.html

Rhizome, June 2002 features notime saver in news. San Diego, CA

LAWEEKLY, April 2002 shows images of Nimoy's work in an article about Victoria Vesna. Los Angeles, CA

Thoughtshop, 1999
- Textension featured from this experimental typography project's site.

MIT's Aesthetics and Computation Group 1999 -
Research work is displayed in the "alumni" section of their site.

Honors Judge for the 6th Philippine Web Awards. 2003

JAMe[jaemi], Feb 2003 - Three onscreen interactive works win prizes in JAMe[jaemi], Inje University Digital Interaction design competition in Korea.

READ_ME 1.2, May 2002 - Textension wins in this digital arts competition. Macros-center, Moscow. The following is a small review written by Ray Thomas of ?"ARK (RTMARK). In terms of aesthetic enjoyment, Textension is a clear winner. It is delightful, exciting, fantastic to play with. It points in many directions at once, suggesting that hypertext could be fun and beautiful and profound in all kinds of new ways that it isn't today. Interestingly, the way to this development is pointed out by the typewriter, which produced beautiful things through the physical action of metal. Textension is the first piece of software to pick up effectively this very lost thread.

KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic 2000- Sally, a break-beat Samba pop-music experimental sound piece done in collaboration with brother & musician, Marc Nimoy, played on KCRW by Nick Harcourt on April 12