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//November, 2004
Robotic Typography makes it back into I.D. Magazine two months later with a Bronze in the Interactive Media Design Review.

//September, 2004
jtnimoy's work shown in Creative Code by John Maeda. Enjoy. (Amazon,BN)

//September, 2004
2 ITPers: Josh's Robotic Typography shows in I.D. Magazine along with James Clar's LED Cube.

//August 2, 2004
Mohawk Paper Mills interface design shown again in .

//July 22, 2004
At Foxy Production in New York Chelsea, Robotic letterform #3 exhibits as part of Infinite Fill, curated by Cory + Jamie Arcangel

//July 16, 2004
Josh Nimoy moves to Italy to work at Benetton's Fabrica

//June, 2004
Mohawk Papers interface by Team Strausfeld is gold winner of digital media & interfaces in IDSA's IDEA 2004.

//March 3, 2004
Nimoy reviews past works at Dorkbot-NYC, Columbia University, New York, NY

//February, 2004
Balldroppings and Telesquishy featured in Neural.

//January 30, 2004
BalldroppingsPhysical featured in article+video by NYStream.

//January 16, 2004
Balldroppings and MiniPong shown at TKNY event, Compact Impact.

//December, 2003
Screenshot of Nimoy's interactive buckyball projection software on building by owners of work. Los Angeles, CA. Also look for flag pole banners and news paper reviews of the show.

//December 16 - 17, 2003
Latest work shown at ITP's Winter Show
, New York, NY

//December 13, 2003
Creative inspirational speech given at Murder by Design! conference, Mandaluyong City

//October, 2003
Ricochet shown at II Muestra de Arte Electr?nico Villa de M?stoles ()
//October 1, 2003
Jtnimoy gives talk about work in the MFACA department of School of Visual Arts (SVA) in New York City

//October, 2003
Jtnimoy is one of the judges for the 6th Philippine Web Awards.

//Aug. 14 - Sept. 9, 2003
MiniPong, Textension, and other works show at
, a show at Ateneo Gallery in Manila, Philippines

//August, 2003
Ricochet published on Aug 2003 cover of proce55ing

//August 13, 2003
Textension ported to MacOSX and Linux. New York, NY

// July 12, 2003
Textension shows at EyeBeam in ArtBot, New York, NY

//July 8, 2003
Textension ported to Mac OS9

// July 2, 2003
Fairwell to Zerowave! UCLA's law representative legally revokes Nimoy's privileges to publicly display the art piece.

// Fall 2003
LACMA exhibits Zerowave, Los Angeles, CA

//June 27,28 2003
Josh Nimoy gives artist talk & Proce55ing Introduction at DORKBOT in Nieuwpoorttheater in Brussels, Belgium.

//June 2, 2003
Josh Nimoy starts working as a designer at Pentagram. New York, NY

//June 2003
Zerowave shows in NanoExpo, at University of Wisconsin-Madison

// April 22 2003
NetMedia, a technology company, purchases a product Josh Nimoy bought from them and hacked. Tucson, Arizona

// March 2003
Work featured in PageDown issue #10. Manila, Philippines

// April 4-10 2003
LAWEEKLY shows Zerowave, featured by UCLA's new-media doyenne in an article about a nanotechnologist. Los Angeles, CA

// February 28 2003
Interpolated Oval Letterforms, MiniPong, and Zerowave win in JAMe[jaemi], Inje University Digital Interaction design competition in Korea.

// February 22 2003
Exhibit at 38Nine in Long Island City, near MoMa QNS & PS1. Curated by QVille. New York, NY

// February 21 2003
Exhibit at SWIM in manhattan, with other ITP Students. New York, NY

//February 17 2003
on Philweavers.net

// February 06 2003
Work published with phrase "Mabuhay ka men!"
in Filipino New Media Design Portal, HalfProject

// February 03 2003
Work published in EXPERIMENTAL Magazine

// January 2003
The Nimoys release their fourth album, Eventide.

//December 2002
Josh Nimoy featured in by boy in static

//December 2002
in New York City in the American Museum of Natural History as part of the ArtSci international symposium.

//November 2002
Josh Nimoy featured in
Poesi Kunst

//November 2002
BETA 1.0 released

//October 2002
Textension exhibited in ART FUTURA in Barcelona, Spain.

//September 2002
Josh Nimoy moves to New York, starts at ITP

//September 2002
n0time exhibits in Oklahoma

//August 2002
Textension reviewed by Giselle Beiguelman in "The Book After the Book" published in LEA/MIT Press

//August 2002
n0time saver exhibits in Brazil at PA?O DAS ARTES in Sao Paulo. Also published in Internet Art Digital Culture, a catalog for Festival Internacional De
Linguagem Electronica, in which Nimoy presents work from back home.

//August 2002
Zerowave premiere in Australia at the Biennial of Electronic Arts in Perth.

//June 26 2002
No Time For A Screensaver
What do you get when you cross a networked screensaver, Buckminster Fuller's quasi-cosmic tetrahedron worship, Richard Dawkins' evolutionary cybernetics, and a whole lot of computer down time? You get n 0 time, software that attempts to embody practically every major wired theory put forth in the last 25 years. Networked, customized, imploding, meme-laden tetrahedral avatars! "n 0 time-sharing" community protocols! Auto-generated e-mail invitations to exclusive online implosion re-enactments! And you thought it was just a screensaver.

Reviewed by Rhizome.org -> net art news. Here is what they said:

//May 18, 2002
Textension wins READ_ME 1.2
In terms of aesthetic enjoyment, Textension is a clear winner. It is delightful, exciting, fantastic to play with. It points in many directions at once, suggesting that hypertext could be fun and beautiful and profound in all kinds of new ways that it isn't today. Interestingly, the way to this development is pointed out by the typewriter, which produced beautiful things through the physical action of metal. Textension is the first piece of software to pick up effectively this very lost thread.

Review written by Ray Thomas of ?"ARK when Textension won in the READ_ME 1.2 Festival (Macros-center, Moscow, 2002)
More at Rhizome

//February 2002
Josh Nimoy presents work with Sylvia Borda, Brody Condon, , and at Digital Utopia/Digital Dystopia: Rendering the Art Object

Textension featured on THOUGHTSHOP along with the rest of the gang

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