USBXtra allows a programmer in Director or Flash, Visual Basic, Java, or Proce55ing to talk to USB devices. This Xtra distribution provides extensive details on how to build a PIC Chip circuit that talks to the computer through USB, using this Xtra.

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Interfacing with this Xtra

xtra USBXtra -- version 8.5.2

new object me

open object me, integer VendorID, integer ProductID, integer verbose

close object me

read object me

write object me, integer byte

isOpen object me


Can I use USBXtra to hack a commercial USB device, or just a PIC chip?

USBXtra will only work with 1-byte-report HID devices, so low-speed commercial webcams and mice (and also the pic chip). the harder part is trying to obtain communictions protocol information about the product you are trying to hack. In the case of the pic chip, you already know how the device will respond, so it is easy to talk to it through the USBXtra. If the company will not send you info on the product, then I wish you good luck.
Disclaimer: USBXtra does not promote illegal reverse engineering.

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